Oppo's new hatchback showdown for car of the year: used Fit vs. new GTI 

“Wow, that sounds really cool.” That, plus other remarks, may tell me that although a 2006 WRX STi is off the table, a

Hot take: after driving a CVPI, I can see some of the appeal of them as a fleet vehicle, but holy man do I not

Ever seen someone switch lanes with the wrong turn signal on? I have. Drivers here suck.

I mean, at least with the death of net neutrality, maybe they’ll be able to get rid of all those Freewebs sites I made

I had a dream that there was a Jeep Patriot by Rolls Royce that cost something like £28k. I was glad to wake up and

A bylaw I want: requiring properties on the corners intersections to have no structures or plants within x-distance of

Finally watched Bon Cop Bad Cop. It was amazing and if you’re Canadian I highly recommend seeing it.

My sister sent me a text. Hopefully this is the weirdest thing I hear today.

In reference to the new thing at the top of the page I can’t see: Why don’t we leave the rulebook up there and maybe a

Off to the Detroit show tomorrow with some Canadian college kids. What are some good spots for food in the area?

So the Habs and the Leafs are playing against each other, and I’m really not sure which one I want to lose more. I


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