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Jan 13

I’m not sure I’ve ever made a food post here, but last night’s dinner provided some share-worthy meat porn, courtesy

Dec 31

This was a big year for me personally, professionally, and automotively: sold a house, bought a house (with a car

Dec 31
Good Truck Confirmed

After roughly 5000 road trip miles and 2500 miles of foul-weather commuting in the almost six months that I’ve owned

Dec 10
I Imported A Thing, AMA

It’s a ‘93 Japan-market 300TE with a mixture of authentic and replica AMG parts and much of the interior out of a

Nov 25 2018
Went for a scenic drive

I had an event to attend near Snoqualmie yesterday, and had some free time to drive some of the nice roads up there

Nov 12 2018
Oppo, talk me out of this

Ever since my first one died way back in 2002, I’ve wanted to own another E30. I’ve kicked around buying other old

Jul 15 2018
My fleet is too big

Coming soon to a Craigslist near me: one cosmetically challenged but mechanically sound Subaru Forester.

Feb 22 2018
I’ve Rented A Thing

I’m visiting family in the Bay Area and needed some wheels to get around, so I gave Turo a try. I wanted something

Jan 12 2018
I Acquired A Thing

This actually happened in the summer, but somehow I never posted about it. My nonagenarian grandfather suffered a

Jun 3 2017
I Bought A(nother) Thing

Having sold my FJ80, it was time to get some wheels capable of camping and dog hauling that would also make a better