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Jun 9

Honestly, I have no idea if this a good crossbow, but I love this design to bits and want to merge it with something

May 19

I put a new exhaust valve in my Eun Jin Sumatra .22 PCP air rifle today. The old valve was leaking, I tried to

Feb 28 2019
new wheelgun who dis

Just got something nice. Italian, with American engineering. Six pot, powder aspirated, manual shift, with walnut

Jun 6 2018
Picky eater

The local shop has Federal 16ga game load for $10/25, which is pretty great. What is not great is how my 1920s auto

Apr 1 2018
Jkm's AR15 Build

I’ve pretty much decided to build my own AR15 platform gun instead of buying one straight up. I’m aiming for keeping

Sep 8 2017
Friday Gunlopnik

This primer decided it had had enough of this week and tried to go into the brass sideways. Universal decapping die