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Feb 11 2016
Enter the Beigemobile

Any of you remember how I was looking for a reliable, good on gas daily? Yeah, I forgot too, so I bought a V8 German

Oct 3 2015

Now to write my position paper....

Aug 24 2015
I miss manual so much

I think I’m gonna buy a manual E90 330i this Thursday. It’s at a Porsche dealer, maybe I’ll walk out with a 997.2

Jun 30 2015
I bought a thing

I haven’t been around much lately, as my life has gotten much busier since I returned from France. I miss all the

Jun 14 2015
It's Happening!

Tomorrow I leave Florida!!! I’m not moving to S.C. just yet, but I’ll be staying with family in Alabama for a week

May 10 2015
One From This Morning

Lots more coming later today but I had to share this one before I go in on some serious chicken and waffles.