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Jan 21 2019
3 weeks and $700 later

I dropped the Prelude off for inspection on New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t in a rush to get it back since I don’t drive it

Feb 11 2018
Cutting it close

Stock height, stock (optional) lip. Despite the rain it’s a very warm day so I drove the Prelude to work this

Jan 22 2018
Prelude driving weather

The TSX needed a little break after driving 150+ miles this weekend with plans for about 500 on a trip next week,

Dec 19 2017
Hour rule

Leftover pic from last week. My Prelude with snow on it. And finally a good photo of my mad light JDM wheels yo.

Oct 19 2017
Is this a common thing?

When you have a car that’s fairly uncommon and not the best parts availability, you tend to recycle parts from dead

Sep 16 2017
Morning back road cruise

I took the Prelude out for a nice little drive this morning. I accidentally got it airborne at a railroad crossing.

Sep 3 2017
Honda Prelude Photoshoot

Had a little night time photo session for my beat up Honda. Props to my buddy Wayne aka “Corkscrew’d” on Oppo for

Aug 23 2017
90s Honda

Had the best headliners. There’s a beater of a 99 Prelude in the shop for leather today.

Aug 17 2017
*eurobeat intensifies*

Tearing up some twisties this morning. It’s fun to flog this car again now that I don’t have to worry about driving

Aug 16 2017
This is my Prelude

The beltline and cowl go up to other cars’ wheelarches and the roof is about as low as their beltline. The VTEC

Apr 30 2017
Did some restoring today

Recently, after over a year of it sitting due to one thing after another breaking, I’ve gotten back into my 1993