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Mar 3 2019
Steel Garages

Anyone have a steel garage put in? Thoughts? We have an acre, it’s hilly, but I think I could level a bit in the

Sep 24 2018
She's a Brick...House

Somebody talk me out of this, it’s cheap enough to almost be an impulse purchase. Even if it does shit the bed when

Sep 18 2018
I’m Doomed

I think my new shower door may be posesed by a 16th century sorcerer. What can go wrong?

Oct 6 2016

I am like most of you Oppos (I assume) and when a peruse houses for sale, I sort by having a garage. I know I can’t

May 8 2014
That is a great garage!

Had a project in my business class that involved us moving to a new city, picking a job, and getting a nice house. I

Feb 21 2014
Keep Oppo Futurepop

The "driveaway from problems, relaxing, get high, sex all day" kind of music.
Was going to post up some Above &