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Aug 17

No, I’m not buying a house...yet. But Chris’s post made me look around for one.

Aug 7
New sidewalks!

The sidewalks along my property line have been atrocious for longer than I have owned the house. See below.

Aug 4
Did some side work today

I went to my buddy CG-GUY’s house today for a bit of houselopniking. The big job was to install a new screen door.

Jul 27
Open house Sunday

Still 5 days of solid work to do. Floor installer showed up looked at floor and said “no way can I put this down

Jun 8
Houselopnik phase 3

Last Tuesday was the scheduled framing inspection for the new deck.. For some reason I was asked to be there for

Jun 1
Houselopnik phase 2

When we last left off my deck had just been torn down and footing holes has been dug. My inspection came a day later

May 26
House update: it's raining

I’ve taken a week’s leave to finish my woodshed and build a retaining wall that the deck will eventually butt up to.

May 26
Houselopnik phase 1

Friday night my back deck looked like that. It was a nice little deck, 10' x 14' right off the back of the house. It

Mar 19
Home improvement

I’m taking advantage of my newfound time off, to work on the house. I’m not going to finish my kitchen, because all

Mar 9
Houselopnik: Moving Blues

With two weeks to go before closing on the new garagehouse, I’ve been packing some less essential things and putting