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May 17 2016
I smell gas

Pulled into the local Kwik Trip last night to fill the 3 with some much needed 87 octane and *sniff*.... it smelled

Jan 24 2015
Suck it Vladamir

whole tank of premium for less than $30 bucks. With a carwash (that almost made me late for the bank) it was still

Jun 1 2014
I Smell Bad, And I Feel Bad

I accidentally got a little gas on my hand when I was fueling up the 944 this afternoon. The smell won't go away. At

May 14 2014

Attention Yankees: Your relationship with Norse Scum is killing your drivers and cars! Some of these cars may have even been Trans Ams! Tell Norway they must rejoin Glorious Union, throw off the yoke of Norwegian oil, and drink the nectar of Swedish oil instead!

Jul 15 2013

I don't even have to buy gas anymore, and this was still painful to look at.