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Jul 26
Joop Content

Just got back from a camping trip, I’ll do a better post later tomorrow or something but I just thought I’d show you

Jul 6 2019

Life is like a parking lot, you never know what kinds of cars you’ll find there.

Jun 17 2019
Oh Jeep

My mom has had some bad car...luck? Anyway after totaling her husbands Hyundai Tucson and causing 5 digit damage to

May 4 2019
Happy Saturday, OPPO

Hope your weekend is stress free. I’m sipping an ipa on an island and blocking the fact I’m taking a redeye back to

Mar 10 2019
I Joop, therefore I flex

Seent last night after leaving the movie theater with my son. There were other spaces closer to the building, too.

Jan 4 2019
TJ = Peak Wrangler

Watching this very long video on a stock TJ 2.5 going off road made me realize that the TJ was peak wrangler. Yes