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Nov 17 2017
I'm in for $20

Who else will pitch in for the soon-to-be-rebranded Oppositelock Media Group (OMG)?

Aug 26 2016
Adventures in Blogging

In other news, Lamborghini makes engines with 12 cylinders. It’s not clear why Lamborghini settled on such an oddly

Aug 25 2016
Journalism Isn't Quite Dead

Even Jalopnik ran the headline, “New Mazda Rotary Sports Car Approved for 2020: Report”. Granted, once you get past

Sep 16 2015
WEC Day Zero

So I’m covering the Weekend for Hooniverse, and being mentored by our very own Stef Schrader, so it’s going to be a

Feb 20 2015

Apparently it's considered journalism to go on another website and just use eveything they write about to make your own list. Read more