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Sep 20
Got the Queen back.

There are some very minor blemishes to the work they did, as well as some chips that were caused during assembly. I

Mar 6 2019
Killer Queen Kill Count: 2

During my drive to work, a bird tried to swoop down across the road. My car occupied its flight path in the next

Feb 9 2019

Spent a couple minutes at the marina doing some snow driving practice and getting a feel for things; I wasn’t

Feb 5 2019
The drive home at 3AM.

Some video footage. I chose this clip out of my GoPro because it also included the first time my ABS system kicked

Dec 22 2018
Queen Christmas Update

Took her in to the mechanic for an early Christmas oil change, tire rotation, repressurizing the winter tires to

Nov 12 2018
The Queen Today

Decided to stay inside all day Sunday, so I didn’t get a picture of the Queen then. Now that I’ve gotten the last

Nov 10 2018
The Queen Rises.

Daylight photos of the finished job will be forthcoming tomorrow. Damage Report is below.