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Sep 3

Screenshot: Stop beaking shit that works and fix the shit that doesn’t!

Sep 2
What Fresh Hell Is This?!

At first I thought I’d accidentally hit “Add Another”, but no, there’s now two sets of attribution lines for every

Aug 13

Is the site dragging for anyone else? Seems to be crawling on my machine, especially when switching between

Jul 2

That’s the top of FP as of now: five ads and a bullshit auto-play video before you get to a real story. This is just

Dec 16

So we’re back to ‘clicking on replies/stars doesn’t take you to the actual comment’ again, eh?

Jun 20 2019

Seriously! I can’t reply to comments 80% of the time. Reloading the page or trying again just results in being

Jun 19 2019
Plus ça change...

So we’ve switched the time and ‘save’ icons to the left, but couldn’t restore the preview text? Lame!