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May 17 2019
I sold the Dakota today.

It went to a good friend who hadn’t yet had his first vehicle. I sold it to him with every part I had for $500. The

Aug 6 2017
Good news and Bad news!

Good news: Best. Birthday present. Ever. Getting them on, along with 3 inch aluminized pipes (with X-pipe- would

Jul 8 2017
Primered the fender

Well, when I say I, I mean I sanded it and rubbed it down with alcohol and Dad sprayed it (my hands aren’t steady

Jun 4 2017
I am so sick of this.

That hole wasn’t there yesterday. I poked at the spot and went through. I was going to wash any salt off of the

May 26 2017
This stuff kicks ass.

Put a quart of it in Kipper’s oil. Feels like I gained 30hp. I bought another bottle for the Camaro.

Apr 28 2017
Weekend Work

It’s not as bad as it looks. It’s actually all surface rust, and I’ll be putting Chassis Saver over it. Also, as of

Apr 13 2017

The thing I hate most about old Kipper is how rusty he/it has gotten. Guess what Rock Auto has? I think these, and

Mar 15 2017
What is this shit?

For the loveuddalawd, it’s March 15th! WHY is there snow on the ground? I want to work on my truck, but not in this!