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Feb 19 2019
Goodnight Oppo

Sure this is for a contest (no affiliation nor sponsored promotion), but I enjoyed this advert.

Jul 4 2018
242 years ago today

The Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. So here’s an LS swapped 242

Feb 16 2018
Damn You Roadkill

I was watching old episodes with the fam last night, and the original General Mayhem one came up. The one where they

Sep 26 2017
Stop me, Oppo...

Before I buy this and LS-swap it. I barely know how to fix my own cars but this non-running 944 for $400 is bringing

Dec 31 2016
Game I Recommend

Street Legal Racing: Redline, but it’s pretty boring without mods, so get mods. It very easily makes the game twice