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Mar 9
DOTS Marin County

I’m not really into American cars personally, but I nonetheless respect the cut of this Chevy guy’s jib.

Sep 2 2019
CA Oppo: Little Malibu

Had a small CA Oppo get together today. Was a fun time getting coffee, hanging out a bit, and going for a short

Jul 17 2018

At the grocery store this evening - a lovely ‘64.

Apr 5 2018
hour rule

EM Holden Malibu, 2013-2015, petrol L4 or diesel L4, auto only.

Mar 4 2017
This could be fun

If they’ll sell it without the 17s, I might have to go check this out. It does look quite clean, although the price

Dec 13 2016
Rocking the 'bu

Not me, I’m still driving the Prado. But someone in Auckland loves themselves some ‘bu