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Aug 9
50k today!

Took the long-ish way (an extra few miles) today to where I was going, in order to hit 50k and get a picture.

May 8
Creeping closer to 50k.

Doing some DoorDash-ing tonight and hit 49k miles. Got greeted with a request for an oil change shortly thereafter.

Feb 28
Dirty Mazda.

Haven’t washed the thing since mid-October. And it doesn’t look too awful. Win?

Nov 8
Battery test: Failed.

Did a battery test at the local shop and she failed. They said they were surprised it was starting at all. I

Oct 10
Four years ago today!

My 2016 Mazda6 i Touring became mine four years ago today. October 10, 2015. Bought it with 6 miles. Now has just

Oct 8
44k! And...44 MPG.

Drove from Navarre Beach to Pensacola Beach for dinner tonight. A 20-ish mile drive along the beach through the