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Mar 4 2018
Wow, this is massive.

The McLaren P1 averaged 1:54.15 around Portimao on P ZERO Corsa tires (Hyper3 test+S25E2 test), on a 1.16s delta.

Dec 15 2015
McLaren P1 Scale Model

You guys like diecast models, right? And you like the McLaren P1, right? And you have up to $12k to spend on toys,

Nov 20 2015
OK, here's the thing:

The Fezza will have to sweat it a bit more to catch the P1, but if you think about it, any one of the cars above can

Jan 28 2015
Hour rule

One of the best things about the P1 is all the bits of functional hardware you can see when you open the doors.

May 12 2014

Jay Leno is not wearing denim. I repeat Jay Leno is not wearing denim!