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Aug 18 2016
Montego Update!

Alright, a lot of you may know I’m planning to sell the Montego now. Which is sad but it’s opening up a space in the

Aug 10 2016
OPPO Senior- Mercury Edition

I’m upset with myself for joining the insanity that is this Senior Week thing, Especially when “Week” is mis-spelled

Nov 2 2015
Montego Garage Day

Well I was in the garage for the majority of yesterday, thought it was about time to hang some license plates up on

Oct 26 2015
Montego Wheels!

Some of you saw my post on Friday about a set of Magnum 500’s I found on Craigslist for the Montego!

Oct 6 2015
Bored at Work - AMA

Like it says above, I’m out in about 2 hours and not motivated to work. Pic is my profile picture at full size!

Aug 26 2015
Lingenfelter C&C - 8/29

Anyone going? Possibly first and only event I can get the Montego out to this year. Would be great to meet up with