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Mar 17 2019
Friend Bought a Thing

2017 M2 in Long Beach Blue, 6k miles. Awesome because the M2 is probably the most fun BMW currently available. Sad

Mar 11 2019
DOTS: Datsun Edition

Nissan made one of those futuristic Vision concepts for Gran Turismo, clearly based on the GT-R’s design language.

Nov 6 2017
DD, Track, Burn?

Just saw this rental supercar trifecta down on the street. Sorry for crap photo, I was halfway through a 3 mile run

Dec 28 2015
This Is Why We Like Cars

If you’re reading this you probably have something hot, curvy, and Italian stretched across your desktop (and no,

May 10 2015
One From This Morning

Lots more coming later today but I had to share this one before I go in on some serious chicken and waffles.

Jul 31 2014

Not an unusual sight in Hong Kong though, scratched fenders...