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Jul 22 2018
Oh good god I am old.

Turned 39 as of midnight last night. I am almost plunging into my mid life crisis. I am going to marry a younger man

Feb 26 2018
My Birthday!

I’ve been a busy man but haven’t been on in a while. How has everyone been? It’s been warm here and I’ve taken the

Feb 26 2017
I'm 30 today!

I hope to do a sappy post this week talking about my late father who sparked and nurtured my passion for the car

Feb 26 2015
28 Years Old Today!

Hooray. I would post a photo or something but Kinja apparently didn't turn up for work today*.

Jul 15 2014
CR-X Survivor

I saw this second gen. Honda CR-X survivor today. Looks to me like the original paint, rims, and exhaust. Which is