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Aug 2
Photoshoot with CB

Saturday I met with CB, so he could take pictures of the BMW so I could sell. They turned out really nice.

Oct 1
Oppo Fresno Meet

I took my go-pro footage and made a video. I thought I had the video set to 720 at 60 fps, but some reason YT has it

May 18 2019

Wonder who these belong to.....

Mar 25 2019
Impromptu Oppo meet

It’s going to touch 70 for the first time this year in Denver, well close enough. Any hoo, the bike is coming out of

Nov 15 2015

greatest website on earth

Aug 1 2015

Im looking for all you wagon owners! If you live in NY, NJ, CT or PA (or care to travel from far and wide), I need

Mar 27 2015
Attention NYC Opponauts!

I will be in NYC next weekend for other events, but I somehow convinced my fiancee to join me at the New York Auto