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Oct 26 2018
I am unwise

After years and years of putting it off, I got all 4 wisdom teeth out yesterday. Post cars that wise people would

Dec 7 2017
I am dumb.

Backed the CX-5 into a Dodge Ram today. Thankfully, the Ram owner wasn’t concerned because his truck is old and has

Aug 2 2016
Bad Day?

So this wasn’t great. He has my wheels, just with a chrome rim.

May 28 2016

Driver is Ameya Vaidyanathan, BRDC Formula 3 race at Oulton Park, driver came out okay. Video after the jump.

Feb 11 2016
Oppo PSA:

The front head rests in the current generation Rav4 are fucking terrible. I swear, I must have concussed myself when