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Feb 16
DOTS overbuilt w/ link

Saw this outside Charlotte today, an impressive build that really doesn’t belong on the east coast, but rather in

Dec 7
DOTS: Blasphemy Edition

This is my oppo debut! I saw this lifted overlanding Chevy Equinox a while ago. The bullbar is real and very

Feb 26 2019
So I Did a Thing....

Just added this to the stable. Eventually I’ll complete the USDM collection, but I’m up to three Land Cruisers: 96'

Aug 14 2018
Need More British

I want to turn my stupid Aprilia well the money from selling it, Seriously guys, someone please buy it!, into an off

Nov 2 2016
M is for Mountains

This is my camping rig. Snow car. Daily. Track star. And now, potentially even more. It all started with two weeks

Sep 22 2014

It's called giga panning, it involves a lot of camera's and a lot of post production but I think it's totally worth