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Sep 17
Arts & Crafts Oppo

Last night I took the carpet mats out of the 4C for a dusting and found the tub filled with debris.

Jun 24 2019
Things Done

Was toying with my roof basket fairing this week trying to come up with something to make it stand out. Finally got

Jun 17 2019
At It Again, and Finished

Worked at it til around 10 pm on Friday after work. Went and helped with Hemp on Saturday. Then spent most of Sunday

Jun 14 2019
At It Again

Still unhappy with how the van looked, I decided to give it one more shot at wet-sanding/buffing.

Jun 3 2019

I spent Friday evening and most of the day yesterday wet-sanding and buffing the van to hopefully get it to

May 28 2019
Did a Thing

Namely, got the van sprayed this weekend. I took it over to my dad’s Thursday night to keep it out of the storm.

May 14 2019
Moving Forward

Was feeling ambitious last night, so she’s almost ready for paint:

Nov 16 2018
Getting further

Got all my hail dings filled, working on getting everything sanded. Need one more coat on the passenger side rocker

Nov 8 2018
Did a Little Something

While the wife was sick. Stayed home with the kids yesterday to get them off to school. Once they were gone I went