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Jan 12
DOTS: Tuk-Tuk Odesey

I spotted this seemingly brand new Tuk Tuk on the way to church this Sunday. I didn’t spot the make but it appears

Jan 1
Use your new year wisely

Break in your shiny new year with some expert parking! Have a great one Oppo and never underestimate Camry drivers

Oct 13
Herd behaviour

When I arrived, I was the only car in the carpark. When I left half an hour later, there were 3 of us.

Aug 3 2019
Parking win

When my local gym lot was resurfaced the striping crew left an unusually wide parking stall.

Mar 21 2019
Oppo Question

Would you vote for someone who ignores parking signs? Or one that drives MOPAR?

Jan 19 2019
FYI Oppo

You can park in blatant no parking zones at Walmart if you own a Saturn Ion, Toyota Corolla or Ford F150! Who knew!

Jun 11 2018
Working On The Weekend

There aren’t many perks to being in the office on a weekend, but this parking spot is one of them. Ok, the only one.