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Oct 4
Late Night Parts Pulling

Damn you autumn, you get too dark too fast! Donned my elastic strap-on headlight and went to work pulling what was

Sep 24
Esprit Rhinoplasty

Braved the bugs to rip into the ol’ parts car some more. Gave up though because it rained a lot lately, and there

Sep 4 2019
Parts Car Goes Dashless

Yanked the dash the other day. Went pretty smooth. A few hidden fasteners, some surprise wiring, but pretty smooth

Aug 29 2019
Dash Deconstruction

Part 1: Remove Ancillarys is complete. Besides the radio and some other small bits the dash is ready to come out.

Aug 20 2019

Some parts I actually NEED for my Trans Am have been removed from the Esprit parts car.

Aug 12 2019

Quite well, in fact, now that I found why it had no spark.

Aug 7 2019
Spoiler Alert

I didn’t fire up the Esprit last night. Too busy cleaning out the shed that I need to rehash this fall. A post for

Aug 6 2019

Spent a few hours here, a few minutes there, got more of the interior out of the Esprit, and demounted the 1990's