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Jul 6
THIS is patina

I see lots of talk around what is and isn’t patina in an old truck, but I think this should be the line of

Oct 8 2017
I photochopped Stubby Bob.

I’ve always entertained the idea of chopping and channeling Stubby Bob, because it would take the badassery to the

Jul 17 2017

Here we have some nice examples of the patina of age, or rust and decrepitude according to how you see it.

Jun 26 2017
Patina or rot

Most people choose to restore their classic car, or in this case tractor, so it looks like this

Apr 7 2017

Why is it so hard to find these types of cars?

Jul 12 2013
Rust in Piece

There's something about metal slowly eroding at the pace Mother Nature wills it to that's pleasing to the eye, to