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Sep 7 2018
New Phone Phriday

I know what you’re thinking, “of course Mercedes got a new phone, she never holds onto phones for more than a few

Mar 11 2017
Sold the 6P!

Update on the earlier and deleted thread: I sold the 6P for way more than it is even worth. I have not only broken

Aug 16 2016

Phones are too thin. Why do they have to be so thin? The screens are wide as hell now but they keep getting thinner.

Dec 16 2014
Help me out, Oppo!

This is a not a car related post. Before we get to the non-car things, have some nice wallpapers I have on rotation

Oct 14 2014
I Don't Even...

For some reason my camera appreciate is opening a crippled version of the application, with only camera and selfies