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Oct 6 2017
Just another day at COTA

Went out to Circuit of the Americas again last weekend for a multi-group track day and parking lot car show. Lots of

Jul 20 2017
Day 3:

Quick pics with a real camera after a thunderstorm and a conference call.

Jul 10 2017
Formula Sun.

Super interesting. They all picked a different driver position.

Feb 13 2017
Camera Update

Well my 60D came in the mail and it looks brand new out of the box. Along with an extra battery, the stock lens, and

Jul 8 2016

Some artsy-fartsy pictures of a celebration, a few weeks and a couple lifetimes ago.

Mar 25 2016
Miss Taboo at night

During tear down of the Roadster Show last weekend I finally snapped some pics of Taboo with the lights on. Those