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Aug 5 2018
Got a camera

A Canon Rebel T3 with a 55-250mm lense, heres a few shots testing it out on the unloved daily. A 1988, 5 speed and sh

Jan 27 2017
The Leica Freedom Train

Seems like there’s a lot of photo/tech enthusiasts here, and there’s a little known part of Leica history that’s

Mar 30 2016
Camera Update

I went with the Ricoh GRII. After only a few days of use, I am thoroughly impressed. I don’t know how it could be

Mar 4 2016

Found this photo on my phone today, apparently I thought it was shareworthy enough to save it for later use.

Aug 26 2014

Finally got around to looking through the rest of my albums from my trip to Road America. Which was like... a month

Aug 5 2014
Rolling Shots

Had a buddy take a few rolling shots of my car while we were together over the weekend. I was quite impressed with