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Oct 24 2018
Work needs to end.

So I can go catch some fucking POKEMON. I have to use 47 more berries (that I don’t have) to catch that many, and

Oct 11 2018
I have problems

I went out into a tropical storm to catch a shiny Pokemon. I’m in my 30s. Edit: if anyone wants to add me my code is

Sep 10 2018
Yesterday I Learned

You have to evolve it WHILE ITS STILL YOUR BUDDY to count. Man, I hate games where you have to Google how to play

Jun 29 2018
Alolan Muk Is Pretty

Anyone else lovin’ the new trading? I whored my code out (6632 1612 6158) on Twitter and IG and got about 60

Dec 19 2017
Rush Hour:

The worst time to hunt the Pokemons. Caught this Hellcat powered Abra though.

Dec 7 2017
Pokemon Woes

Let me set this straight, right off the bat: I never played Pokemon as a ‘kid’. Never watched the shows, never

Aug 18 2017
PoGo: Does No One Know??

I’m not the smartest tool in the shed, and do not battle in gyms very often but when I see an empty spot, I throw

Jul 24 2017
DOTS: PoGo Fest Edition

I didn’t go to the heckstorm that was Grant Park in Shitcago, but I did get out and about to the hot spots near me,

Jul 14 2017
POGO problems

Ever since the last two updates, I have been having problems logging in. Long load times, sometimes have to hit

Nov 15 2016
Pokémon Go Progress?

Who still plays? How is your progress coming along? Your team? Valor here. I’m a tad behind some of my friends, but

Jan 7 2016

Is amazing. Check out his YouTube channel.