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Jul 8 2019
Pokesitelock Go

My son wanted to play Pokemon Go so now I’m back into Pokemon Go. Please add me as a friend.

Oct 24 2018
Work needs to end.

So I can go catch some fucking POKEMON. I have to use 47 more berries (that I don’t have) to catch that many, and

Sep 10 2018
Yesterday I Learned

You have to evolve it WHILE ITS STILL YOUR BUDDY to count. Man, I hate games where you have to Google how to play

Jun 29 2018
Alolan Muk Is Pretty

Anyone else lovin’ the new trading? I whored my code out (6632 1612 6158) on Twitter and IG and got about 60

Dec 19 2017
Rush Hour:

The worst time to hunt the Pokemons. Caught this Hellcat powered Abra though.

Dec 7 2017
Pokemon Woes

Let me set this straight, right off the bat: I never played Pokemon as a ‘kid’. Never watched the shows, never

Aug 18 2017
PoGo: Does No One Know??

I’m not the smartest tool in the shed, and do not battle in gyms very often but when I see an empty spot, I throw

Jul 24 2017
DOTS: PoGo Fest Edition

I didn’t go to the heckstorm that was Grant Park in Shitcago, but I did get out and about to the hot spots near me,

Jul 14 2017
POGO problems

Ever since the last two updates, I have been having problems logging in. Long load times, sometimes have to hit