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Aug 30
Big Brain Move

Driving the US’s statistically safest car in a police chase actually works! Well, judging the fact that it is still

Jun 9

We all know Frank Bullitt is a cop. Is the green first generation Mustang fastback a cop car?

Dec 16
hour rule

Porsche 912 Kanagawa Prefectural Highway Patrol car, 1968

Aug 28 2019
Lit Status: More Lit

Expect a bad day for The Discourse, and for this to either condemn the entirety of organized labor, or be completely

Aug 26 2019
B for effort

So the police in Hong Kong have been talking big about their brand new “extra strength” riot control water cannons,

May 6 2019

Trackhawk does not = common everyday car:

Oct 5 2018
Iveco Daily

I only realised that Iveco was Italian when I was reading about the new cars for the Hong Kong Police.

Apr 30 2018
"Marked" "Ghost" Police Car

What does Oppo think of the “marked” state trooper car with markings so hard to read that they really might as well