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Apr 27
The Porschelump Starts!

The Porschelump has been parked since it broke in several spectacular ways during its last race. So, we looked in

Dec 17
Bah Humbug

Here’s your friggin’ tree. It’s a rusty 944 header. Merry whatever. Is it January yet?

Jun 19 2019
Yellow 944's?

I know they existed. I know it was a factory option in some cases, but most currently yellow 944's appear to have

Oct 31 2018
4 Years Ago Today

I officially owned my first Porsche. One of the proudest and most epic days of my life. Though my 931 has taken it’s

Apr 30 2018
944 Fans

So this beauty is sitting for sale near me. I halfway want to go talk to them about it because the 944 is definitely

Jul 30 2017

I’m currently working on a full photo dump, but just in case it doesn’t get done this afternoon, I wanted to make sure I left this here...

Jul 12 2017
I'm Sorry, Porschelump

My Porsche overheated the other day when I went to Dunkin Donuts, like it KNEW. So, I saved one of the Timbits Clown

Jul 7 2017
send parsh

Lancer got hit. Parsh is probably toast. I’m stuck with a rental I find deeply un-fun.

Jul 4 2017
Slightly Annoyed Right Now

I did have only one fan not working on the 944. No big deal—it did the job unless I had to be stopped for a long

Jun 20 2017
Ballin' On A Budget

So you’ve decided you’re ready to derail your financial security and upset your significant other with a project