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Jun 2
Yay shiny

The air filter on the Cub was A) ancient and 2) gross so I replaced it with an ebay one. Doesn’t seem to run better

May 19

Went down a dirt road a few blocks away so I could practice low speed maneuvers and experience what locking the brake

Jan 28
Project Super Cub update

It’s still around. Since my last post I’ve gotten the seat mounted correctly and replaced the taillight lens. I

Oct 26
This is it.

This seat mount is the LAST. PIECE. the Super Cub needs in order to be called “restored”.

Oct 7
Tires and rust removal

Stripped some of the worst spots on the fuel tank, and now everything will get rust converted, primered, and

Oct 4

Got my motorcycle permit today so I went for a quick jaunt around the neighborhood to celebrate (shhhhh! The police