Jan 24 2019
Bomp Bomp Bomp

And another bulb bites the dust, Another bulb bites the dust, And another bulb gone, and another bulb gone, Another

Oct 26 2018
Dear oppo

In a in a couple hours I begin a vacation but for now the ProMaster is doing ProMaster stuff. So now I’m really

Jun 21 2018
Promaster update

It needs all the monies. Forgot to take a pic but I got to see the broken cam shaft today and it was ugly. The great

Jun 20 2018
Promaster Life

She’s been dead a week now forgot to tell OPPO. It dropped cylinder 5. Broken valves and trashed the cam shaft. I

Aug 2 2013
I was wondering

How is GM going to compete against Ford and Chrysler who are selling (or will be) both European sourced van ? They