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Feb 28 2015
Cars & Coffee experiment

I've been to Cars and Coffee almost every month since about June. I've always taken the Audi while it was nice and

Sep 20 2014
Roadster life

Busy day today. Restored my headlights, removed the useless trailer hitch that came with the car, cleaned out the

Aug 8 2014
Half-assed Stable Update

I was officially offered my fiancee's (fiance? Expert Level Girlfriend?) father's 1949 Ford Custom Deluxe, so I'll

May 17 2014
[heavy breathing]

Finally got the 14" RPF1s onto the NA. Very satisfied with how they look. [edited to add a better photo]

May 1 2014
Finally put my summers on

Was originally going to wait til the weekend but I didn't really have much of a choice after a pothole did this to