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Jan 29 2019
Late20 Guide: Honda S2000

Honda S2000 (2000 - 2009)
Drivers: $13k - $17k
Garage Queens: $25k - $30k
High Sale: 1,000 mile AP1 for $48k in Nov.

May 8 2018
From the Year S2000

A quick wash when I was almost home. This is a good little car. There’s an assorted array of resonances the car

Apr 17 2018

The TSX had a Honda friend at work today. This isn’t exactly a rare sight as the S2K belongs to a coworker, but we

Feb 26 2018
My Birthday!

I’ve been a busy man but haven’t been on in a while. How has everyone been? It’s been warm here and I’ve taken the

Dec 9 2017
Going to be a good day.

Woke up feeling a bit sore as I went hard in the paint(literally, I think, I was playing basketball) at the ymca

Oct 19 2017

Another round of the transcontinental paperwork game...I needed the original notarized labor statement AND original