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Mar 13 2017
Night Oppo

With the 12 hours of Sebring coming up this weekend, here are some photos I took at the 58th running.

Oct 26 2016
Hello guys.

Look at me. [Sure.] Look at me. [Sure.] I’m the captain mid-engine now.

May 1 2016
A thing rarely seen

A Chrysler Sebring. It’s a UK import but I didn’t know anybody bought them there either.

Mar 24 2016
Sebring 2016 Photo Dump

Some turned out well, some could’ve benefited from a better lens, most would’ve benefited from a better technique.

Mar 15 2016
Oppo, I saw a thing!

A Sebring convertible thing! With a bumper sticker that advocates for gun violence (because Texas, of course)!