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Apr 27

It’s always the biggest, strongest, fattest, most promising lambs...

Mar 27
Lilith asks:

Why would you ever put a sheep (lamb) outside in the barn, when you could let a sheep (lamb) snooze by the nice warm

Mar 21
So. Sick. Of. Lambs.

We just booted our most recent house lamb out to the barn a day early. Mrs. BoostAddict and I are so sleep deprived

Mar 12
Meet Wilfred.[update#3]

Two of our biggest Blue-faced ewes gave birth almost simultaniously. One is a smart, older ewe and other is an

Mar 5
House Lambs Confirmed.

We induced 1417, an older Border ewe who we have been watching, as she has a broken prepubertal tendon and a

Feb 23
More Lambs...

Border Leicesters this time, twins (a ram and a ewe) born in the early morning, about 4am. They’re up and looking

Feb 22
It has begun.

First lambs of the year. 122 blue gave birth to a small, but healthy ram-lamb, and a nice vigorous ewe-lamb.