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Aug 7
About NSMV *Long Post*

Texas A&M University’s maritime academy is one step closer to getting a full-fledged training ship with the U.S.

Jul 24
"Off-Sea" Recovery

Chemical tanker Blue Star ran aground at around 2230 UTC Nov 22, 2019 on a coast in Ares area, just north of La

Jul 3
Your Friday Ship Post

**This is based on lifeboat capacity and vessel size as depicted, I would say it’s 75,000-85,000 Gross Tonnes with

May 13
USS Wisconsin BB-64

Third of the four Iowa-Class battleships built for the USN in WW2, BB-64 was commissioned in April of 1944, and

Oct 13
The U.S.S Wasp

The NYT has a first-hand account of the discovery of the Wasp by Paul Allen’s ship, the Petrel. A gripping and