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Sep 4 2019

These are thin on the ground - nothing like my ‘97 SHO (of blessed memory). Surprised, but pleased, to see it on

Dec 16 2016

The SHO runs! Only jack knifed the truck twice towing it home in the blizzard.

Sep 24 2016

It seems a bit too good for $1000, and the owners inability to take pictures, and the painted wheels concern me.

Sep 16 2016
Slot mags and SHO news

Only I’m dumb enough to pull off a set of brand new tires to slap on a set of old slot mags and tires made almost 2

Aug 22 2016
Parts fo SHO

On my way to Mifflinville Pennsylvania to meet a trucker at a random truck stop to get my parts for the SHO. Looks

Aug 21 2016
Turbo SHO

This guy is doing it right. Turbo charged 1st Gen SHO. Can’t use the stock lights and grille because of the

Jul 28 2016
Big News Fo SHO!

Lot’s of stuff to update you guys on. The SHO, Crapri, JPS, Bruiser and the Ranchero. Not much going on with the

Jun 17 2016
1989 was a weird time

Ford had a new toy in the late 80s, the 3.0 Yamaha V6. We all know where it ended, but why they had it in the first

Mar 28 2015
Good News Fo SHO!

Its out side! And its in a spot that would have been impossible to get to without stopping the car, which probably