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Mar 13
DOTF wtf?

Workin’ and wanted to post a down on the farm shot. So i step outside only to see ... Snow. Hope it sticks! If I’m

Jan 19
Good morning Oppo!

There is snow happening.

Let’s play guess which blue Accent is mine - a bit hard to tell under all that white stuff!

Feb 12 2019
Weekend Report: Reno

Snow is biased and discriminatory against two wheel drive cars. That doesn’t mean you can’t show it who is boss!

Feb 5 2019
I Have Hooned

We got a little snow accumulation in Portland, so I took the truck out to try to figure out how to do donuts.

Feb 4 2019
I Love Snow

As a Minnesotan that now lives someplace it hardly ever snows, I have enough mental separation from shoveling snow