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Jul 14 2019
Field Days Photo Dump

The weekend just past saw the 42nd running of the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days. Our drought and the cold and windy

Apr 30 2018
FiST Oppo Spotted

Went to a friend of my wife’s baby shower this weekend. I knew a total of zero people there. Park behind this guy

Jun 20 2017
Saw an Opponaut

This picture is almost a year old, but better late then never. I saw an opponaut driving their BMW 20002 at the

Mar 2 2017
Oh my god!

It’s the same truck! Sitting in my HS parking lot! The wheels are different, but the rest of it matches up.

May 19 2016
Spotted at Lunch

Some sort of gathering of old cars near my office. I counted about 15 or so. I’m terrible at identifying vehicles of

Apr 18 2016
Oh Hello There

Say what you will, but I find this stunning. Always a treat to see an unusual car rolling through a little country