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Nov 8 2015

Someone forgot to set their handbrake.

Aug 29 2015
How Did I Do Oppo?

I got bored yesterday so I went to AutoZone and bought some caliper paint for $20, here are the results.

Apr 25 2015

Just got a new lens, took it out today. Love it.

Apr 13 2015
I miss you ST

Whenever I rent a car nowadays, I feel like I'm being forced to cheat on my ST. But it's not like I'm cheating with

Jan 4 2015
Snow Tires Rule.

First real test of the new tires on the ST and it was a roaring success. There isn't a ton of snow on the ground,

Nov 30 2014
This is an ST thread

Have we had a Focus/Fiesta/Mondeo ST photodump before? I didn't see one. Let's see how many STs are actually on

Nov 25 2014
ST Owners:

Just because you own a FiST, that does not make the FoST an inferior car. Likewise, just because I own a FoST, that

Oct 9 2014

And I loved it!!! It is kind of like the jumping flea of the Ford family! After driving it, the clutch in my JSW