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May 15
Check-in and a Question

Hi Oppo! Its been a hot minute since I’ve been around. I recently bought a single car garage (that actually fits my

Apr 28

As much as we enjoy driving the new Subaru Outback Onyx XT, we still have many questions. Such as, how does the CVT do over time when the vehicle is off-roaded regularly? And, how does dual X-Mode handle a large variety of conditions? In this week’s show, Ryan introduces Driving Sports TV’s new long-term Onyx XT and

Nov 9
Facelift for a newborn

Yes, it’s like I had a newborn get a facelift: I got the dealer to install the “Sport Grille - Turbo” yesterday on

Oct 21
Is it or isn't it?

Is the Subaru Outback a wagon? The FP says it is. The eyeball test says it has more ground clearance and similar a