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May 25
Tree Frogs

It is a suspension brand popularity used to lower Bellets. I believe Tree Frogs 🐸 is Japanese because Google search

Jan 10 2019
Now The Real thing.

Got my strut spacers designed. Seeings we’re slow at work right now, I decided to machine out a prototype so I can

Aug 28 2018
Stop Saying "Stance"<em></em>

You’ve seen “stance” used to describe one specific type of stance- a type that involves outrageous camber and a

Aug 24 2017
Suspension Decisions

My plan for my MR2 is to do some kind of suspension upgrade. The original shocks no longer seem to damp

Jul 9 2017
Six hours.

That’s how long it took me to replace my front left sway bar end link. Only three more to go…

Apr 1 2017
Wuppertal Suspended Railway

Is cool. Opened in 1901, it is the world’s oldest monorail still in operation. It runs a bit over 8 miles, most of