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Oct 1

PSA: It is possible to buy a kit for an all-metal 1:6 scale Lee/Grant. That is all.

Sep 19 2017
Does oppo meditate?

I don’t identify as one of those hippy types, but the more I learn about myself the more I feel I benefit from some

Aug 29 2016
I've been thinking:

Is there such a thing as certified pre-owned Western (fuck Chinese and Russian) air superiority and/or multirole

Jul 7 2015
Tanks in Town

Many people back home in the USA think that the European populace is ungrateful for the role the US played in the

Jul 26 2013
Drive a tank! 'Murica!

In Morganton, Georgia, there's a place where you can drive tanks and crush cars. The best part is that Suches is on