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Oct 28

Friend of mine sent me this pic they secretly took at a local Toyota dealer as they were trying to get a new Camry. First off, you can already tell bullshit is coming by looking at the rings on the guys fingers. I could only image how he looks: big ass belly, graying hair that looks to have been dyed, in his mid 60's,

Jul 6 2018
DOTS @Atlanta

This one’s a real doozy, folks. Zoom in and check out the decals...whoooboy

Jun 1 2016
Now THIS Is a Camry!

Double barrels make you rethink the phrase “calling shotgun!” There was a pretty badass “V” on hood made out of

Apr 22 2016
Universal Truth

All Camrys will end up with a dented rear bumper, usually driver side. My mom is up to 245,130 miles (owned since