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Jul 9
Turo Goodness

My brother is visiting me this week (after not leaving anywhere for 14 days, don’t worry) and informed me one of his

May 30 2019
I must do this, right?

I’m looking to rent something fun for a day while I’m in Denver since it would be a bit of buzzkill driving all the

Feb 19 2019
Turo Entrepreneur

Seems as if the guy I got the Golf R from runs a full fledged Turo business. There must have been at least six other

Feb 5 2019
Turo Options

Oppo, I could use your input on these fine German vehicles. Got a trip to Phoenix coming up and want to allocate a

Feb 22 2018
I’ve Rented A Thing

I’m visiting family in the Bay Area and needed some wheels to get around, so I gave Turo a try. I wanted something

Aug 30 2017

I’m not sure what the price point should be, $40 a day for an i3 feels...maybe about right. I kind of want to try

Aug 15 2017
TIL: Turo Edition

Today I Learned Turo will let you borrow some dumbass’ Quattroporte with incorrectly sized rear tires.

Oct 2 2016
I rented a thing

Day care had a Friday night thing, and I was tired of not having a fun car (the F-car is in the shop......again).